Spin Your Story : for Art, an Open Heart

Spin Your Story guest post by Dyan Whyte.

DayDream’ watercolour on watercolour board 20″x16″

for Art, an Open Heart
I think as creative’s, artists, we are all concerned with the truth and meaning of what we create and share with the world. Each piece, song, dance, performance is a little gift from our innermost being to the world and as such this offering is deeply personal and heartfelt.Being an artist becomes a spiritual path of sorts in which every inner revelation, healing and understanding is woven into what we create – truly a little piece of us and what we feel, see and experience right now on our own journey. We may worry about how it is received and the truth is that some people may love our work and others not so much and that can be frightening yet liberating.I am learning that in truth, someone’s rejection is a kindness from the Universe – a form of protection, a little unexpected note to let me know where I should place my efforts and energies. I compare it to walking down a hallway and watching door after door close. Yes it’s discouraging but what about the sweet surprise when we realize that we are being led to that one special door that is ours that will never close for us?Opening our hearts to the greater love-force inherent all around us, the force that wants the unique person you are to say or express something in the world on its behalf brings joy and freedom. How about asking this loving force, ‘what do you want to say today?’ when you go to create and open your heart to let this all flow through you. To just receive, to believe you are loved and cherished in this big wide world and the loving force that speaks through you in your art knows exactly where your work is most needed and will be most appreciated and will guide you to that place.So how do you open your heart? By simply intending to do so and then – and this is the hard part – you do nothing. Non-action, stillness, being-ness, feeling with authenticity. The magic is that the moment you stop and choose not to push, something amazing happens: every force becomes giddy and alive with the purpose of giving to you, of helping you, of bringing the thoughts that need to expressed through you into being easily and effortlessly with perfect grace.So fellow dreamer, be still and listen and hear the wind whisper your name. Your heart is beautiful and art needs a beautiful heart.

Dyan Whyte is a visionary painter, dreamer and soul-explorer.Her gentle, beautifully coloured and inspired paintings explore the nature of love and femininity. Please visit her website www.dyanwhyte.com to see her galleries, read her blog and learn more about her work.

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