Spin Your Story : The Energy Ride : Human Detachment, Spiritual Love

Spin Your Story guest post by Molly McCord of Conscious Cool Chic.

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The Energy Ride: Human Detachment, Spiritual Love

I’ve come into my own in stronger and fuller ways in the past three to four years, and as a result, relationship changes have occurred in every area of my life: friendships, romantic relationships, colleagues, associates, support groups. Many great Souls have left my personal orbit because our time together was complete. Sometimes I chose to end the connection and sometimes they did. But like most types of breakup, it doesn’t matter who selected it; it’s still an experience of Human Detachment.

Human Detachment can be a toughie. The laughter, support, joy and connection that went into creating something precious is not an easy thing to let go of. Even when I’ve come to terms mentally and logically with why friendships are complete and relationships moved on, their little space inside my heart still lives on.

At their core, relationship changes are about energy changes. It’s very simple, actually: Where I once connected to someone, the energy of our connection has changed and we are at different places now. Not “good” or “bad” or “better” places – that is human judgment kicking in – but different places like spokes on a bike wheel. I moved out this way, while she moved out that way. I went over here, while he stayed right there. I made this choice about my personal growth, while they said another direction was best for them. It’s all energy in motion – swirling, moving, flowing – and I “get it” on that level. But dang it, it’s still hard to deal with at times! Luckily, I’ve learned some mighty helpful ways to move through, and with, the energy ride of Human Detachment.

1. Find the Blesson of the relationship. What’s a blesson, you say? The blessing and the lesson. (Fun word, huh!) Complete the sentences:

    “This relationship came into my life to help me…”

    “This relationship taught me to…”

    “At its core, this relationship was about…”

Then say “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You” to that person’s Soul a million and five times. Or half that if you have to pick the kids up from school, or your coffee is done brewing, or the commercial break is over.

2. Remember that Human Detachment is the opportunity to strengthen Spiritual Love. Consciously move towards Love. Consciously remember that what you shared with someone can’t be judged as anything less than perfect for you at that time in your life. It was perfect. Everything under Spiritual Love always is.

3. Send Spiritual Love to the wound. Or the loss. Or the hurt. Or the fear. It doesn’t matter where the Love is sent; it just matters that you are consciously creating and sending it. It’s okay if you can’t do it every day. In fact, it’s very honest to recognize when the heart connection is struggling. But it’s always waiting for you when you are ready to return to it.

4. Repeat this process daily… weekly, or whenever the sadness, longing or “missing you” feelings come up. They can be triggered randomly and might never go away completely. But the process of moving towards Spiritual Love will speed up and be faster as it is repeated.

I’ve become better at moving through the feelings of Human Detachment by remembering these steps. It’s a process, and some days it’s still hard. I find myself sad, angry or stirring through old scenarios and mucky-muck. So what do I do? I go for a bike ride.

I allow the two wheels with their ever-spinning spokes to support me. I allow the energy of change to move through my body and be released. I allow my heart the opportunity to say “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You” a million and five times with each rotation. I allow everything to move. I allow everything to be Spiritual Love. I allow myself water breaks and slow leg stretches along the way. Then I get going again on my path with new strength.

By the time the ride is over, and I am sweaty and sticky and feeling “not-cute,” I have returned to a higher understanding and appreciation. My path has featured many lovely Souls who have joined me at important phases along this journey. I am so grateful for everyone I have known, and all of those whom I have allowed to know me. I honor their new place on the bike wheel spoke. I honor my new place on the bike wheel spoke. We are all exactly where we need to be. We don’t attract people into our lives to find their faults or hold onto the past. We attract them to experience more Love, Joy and Gratitude in the present.

What a great ride – and it’s only going to get better.

Molly McCord is a writer, teacher and the visionary behind the website Conscious Cool Chic: Increasing Consciousness Through Daily Inspirations. Join the Conscious Cool Chic Facebook page to play along!

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