Spin Your Story : Crimes of the Heart

Guest post by Bernadette Ballezza.

holding my heart by Madison Mc

Crimes of the Heart

Crimes of the heart cause us great injury. Hurt feelings, harsh words, nasty misunderstandings leave deep imprints in our minds and hearts. We dwell on the cruel and unkind violations against us. Letting go of anger about things that have occurred in the past is difficult and sometimes feels insurmountable. We get stuck and hold on to our anger, and the wounds grow deeper and fester. The pain keeps us from finding peace within ourselves. When is it time to let go?

It is time to let go when holding on to the anger no longer serves us. When carrying the burden of our anger keeps us from moving in the direction of our ideals. When the anger keeps us from growing and becoming the person we seek to be. How do we begin?

We begin by letting go. Just letting go. We begin by no longer allowing ourselves to dwell on the negative and relive the injustices. We focus on recovering from the injury. We recover by surrounding ourselves with loved ones we can trust and by moving on. Forgiveness comes much later.

Finding peace within ourselves doesn’t mean we forget about the crimes. Rather, it means we choose to release them. To learn to live and love in a place where past grievances no longer touch us deeply brings wisdom. A life where harmony resides.

Bernadette Ballezza grew up outside of Philadelphia and in 1984 along with her husband Rich, an FBI Agent, transferred to New York. They have 2 sons, Michael lives in NY and Joel lives in Seattle. She has worked for the Mental Health Association in Ulster County NY for the past 25 years in Education & Advocacy. She coordinates a Crisis Response Team as well as a Mentoring program. She is surrounded by people who have truly changed her life for the better.

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