Speak kindly to yourself

One of things that makes the biggest impact in life on a daily basis, is speaking to yourself kindly.

  • Even when you make a mistake.
  • Even when you accidentally hurt someone’s feelings.
  • Even when you do something you’re not proud of.
  • Even when you don’t get everything on your list done.
  • Even when you miss a deadline.
  • Even when you forget something.

Especially if you’re a woman, you’ve been conditioned to apologize and to beat yourself up at every misstep, but it’s possible to change that…even at all of those times.

Think about your best friend or closest relative. Remember a time when they came to you after making a mistake or feeling like they didn’t get enough done. How did you respond? Did you tell them they sucked or better try harder next time or that you value them less? I kinda doubt it. More likely, you responded with empathy. You told them you love them even though they’re not perfect, and that it’s OK to make mistakes.

What if you told yourself those things the next time you made a mistake or expected yourself to be perfect? It sounds kind of crazy at first. You might even be worried that you’ll lose your edge if you cut yourself a break, but I promise the opposite is true. Give it a try this week. Put some of that early January renewed energy to work on your self-talk, and start speaking kindly to yourself. <—CLICK to Tweet 

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