Sometimes solitude can be your best friend. I seem to have my most creative ideas when I am alone; I can grow, reflect, plan and rest. Don’t to be afraid to spend alone. Solitude has many benefits but people often avoid acknowledging them. They don’t want to be alone with their thoughts and emotions, but sometimes it is helpful.

Creating New Ideas

Have you ever been alone and had an ingenious idea pop into your head? Information used to create new ideas comes from the outside world. We take in the information while we are interacting with it, then use time when we’re not distracted to allow it to grow into novel thoughts/ideas. We need time to allow those thoughts to go through a gestation period – to tumble around in our mind. What results are the ideas that are the most feasible and worthy of further consideration.


Giving ourselves time to sit and reflect induces growth. Reflection is done best when we are alone with no distractions. You don’t need to devote a lot of time to this, just block our 30 minutes or an hour to reflect on your experiences.


This is so important! You can feel worn out after extended stimulus-filled periods of time. Interaction with devices, people, etc. can leave you feeling confused and unsure. Solitude is our brain’s equivalent of a rest period. Taking time away from the stimuli-filled world relieves us of some of the pressure. Our minds need time to repair themselves. The best way to do this is by having time by yourself to reflect on your thoughts.


Our muscles don’t grow while they are being worked out; rather they grow during the rest period afterwards. The same goes for our minds and our ability to handle people and situations. Along with rejuvenation of our mental ability to handle new circumstances, we also gain the ability to place ourselves back in more stimuli-filled situations. The same way that a muscle needs to be rested before it can grow, our minds also need to rest so they can handle more periods of interaction.

Silence shouldn’t be equated with awkwardness. Solitude isn’t loneliness. Time alone helps you grow and generate ideas/novel thoughts. We don’t need people to validate us; we are free-thinkers.

jimmie perry
Jimmie Perry is a poet, investor, singer, rapper, college dropout (forget the negative connotation) and overall creator. He’s been exploring this world searching for his place and has run into several “exciting” things along the way. He’s been to the moon, Saturn and the trenches of Detroit, the place he’s from. He hopes you enjoy the things he writes and travel with him in spirit as he continues his journey through space (figuratively). Follow him on Instagram

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