There was a lot of snow in the Greater Seattle area…a rarity, but especially at Christmastime.
This poem is a result of noticing my thoughts on one of the wintry walks taken during this time.


Putting on my boots to trudge through the snow
My socks creating a barrier between my foot and the boots

With each step a sock begins its slide
Not both of them, just the one

I wonder how my gait effects this sock
I adjust my steps to avoid the creep

It does not help

Scrunched around my toes
No longer a barrier

Do I stop to take off my boot and adjust?
Decision made.

Stopping to unzip my boot
Digging out the sock

The walk begins again both feet cozy

A slight incline on my path
I feel the sock begin its creep

A few more steps and the bunching begins
My thoughts firmly on my sock

The cycle begins again
Each step baring my foot a bit more

I stop to release the sock from the bondage of my boot
A naked foot and a socked trudging through the snow

My thoughts now free to wander to the beauty
I’ve been walking through

maribeth thomas
Maribeth Thomas works with people who are in life transitions. Change is difficult and it’s also the only thing that is consistent. She embraces those embarking on changes in their lives. From being in a new relationship to wanting to find a new career (and everything in between)…she’s there for you. Maribeth helps people discover the wisdom they have within themselves which moves them in the directions they desire. She works together with her clients to discover: joy in the journey, new thoughts that stretch their thinking and steps they can take to create a purpose-filled life. Maribeth has many different roles in her life: mom, poet, daughter, life-coach, spouse, yoga teacher, recruiting coordinator, sister, human. You can connect with her on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or her website. She’d love to connect with you!

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