So, what does a life coach, like…do?

Guest post by Kate Swoboda (a.k.a. Kate Courageous!)

“So, what does a life coach, like…do?” That’s a pretty common question, and it can be tricky to answer since many life coaches arrange their practices in different ways. I’ve been a life coach since 2006, and after many iterations, here’s how I often answer it:

Life coaches are trained in a skill-set of helping a client to clarify and then evaluate what is most important to her, and then supporting the client to set up her life in such a way that she prioritizes what matters, most.

For some clients, what matters most is becoming more deeply connected to herself or reinvigorating what feels stagnant in her marriage. For others, what matters most is more tangible, such as writing the book that they’ve always known was within them or making yoga a daily practice.

It’s no surprise to me that so many people are drawn to both receiving coaching and becoming coaches. We are a world that needs connection, support, more joy, healing, and courage if we are to thrive, and that starts on the individual level and expands outward.

The person who embarks on really getting to the bottom of the challenges that hold her back in her daily life becomes more equipped to be a supporter for others: to show more love, patience, compassion, and generosity in her family and community.

I’ve been leading the 2014 class of the Courageous Living Coach Certification (CLCC) and I’m ecstatic about what these life coaches to be are up to. They tell the truth, and tell it clean. They feel the fear, and dive in to look at it even more closely. They reach out with the most incredible support for each other.

As I told Valerie Tookes, one of the lead coaches for the program: “If we choose our families, these women are who I’d choose as my sisters.” They each bring something different to the table, and in whatever way they show up, they show up richly.

Want to work with us?

The CLCC coaches are taking on practicum clients. If you’re interested receiving coaching to help prioritize what matters most to you, you can sign up for four 60-minute sessions with a CLCC coach for an initial rate of $25 per session.
To learn more about the coaches and to get started, click HERE!

On this site, you can read about each CLCC coach–and you can choose the coach who you feel will best support you in asking the deep, core questions that lead to more for your life.


Kate Swoboda (a.k.a. Kate Courageous) is the author of the Courageous Living Program, founder
of the Courageous Living Coach Certification Program, and creator of, where she de?nes courage as feeling afraid, diving in anyway, and transforming. Her approach combines straight-shooting, pragmatic wisdom with playfully poking at self-imposed limitations of who you are and what’s truly possible for you.
Kate was deemed one of the top 50 bloggers making a difference in ?tness, health, and happiness by Greatist. She’s written for The Daily Love, ProBlogger, MindBodyGreen, Lifetime Moms, and was a breakout session speaker at the 2012 World Domination Summit.
You can ?nd Kate on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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