A Sisterhood Can Change The World (Plus a giveaway!)

Post by Jen Saunders.

A week ago, on my 25th birthday, I launched the Wild Sisterhood – a sacred online space for women to come together and find kindred spirits from all over the world – and it already feels like home.

When I was creating the Sisterhood, I was focussing so much on what it could give other women that I didn’t even think about the magic it would bring to me. It’s become my safe haven, my temple, and my oasis of positivity.

Knowing that I’ll always be able to go there and find only love, kindness and inspiration awaiting me brings tears to my eyes and warmth to my soul.

After so many years of feeling like I didn’t fit in anywhere, knowing I had truth, beauty and wisdom to share but no-one to listen, I’ve finally found my tribe. I’m home.

I could never have imagined a better birthday present than that.

My vision for our Wild Sisterhood is this:

To be your most sacred source of inspiration.

To create space for you to own your beauty, speak your truth, and follow your heart.

To spread a ripple effect of love and light around the world.

To come together and support the causes we believe in.

To empower women, in order to empower the world.

Because we all have stories to tell and lessons to teach. Because words can ignite the flames of the Universe. And a Sisterhood can change the world.

To celebrate the launch of our Wild Sisterhood, I’m giving away a year’s membership (valued at $69.95!) to one kind soul here!

Before I tell you how to enter, here’s a bit more about what you’ll get with a year’s membership:

Becoming a member of the Wild Sisterhood doesn’t just give you access to the community, forum, groups, and all-around wildness; it also acts as a subscription to Wild Sister Magazine, meaning all members will be able to download the newest issue from the Sisterhood store every single month!

This is the super exciting part; wild sisters can download the latest issue, talk about their favourite articles and Aha! Moments with other readers – and even talk to the women who wrote the articles! How beautiful is that?!

In a nutshell, the winner will receive:

* One year’s membership to the Wild Sisterhood.

* Every new issue of Wild Sister Magazine for 12 months.

* A discussion forum in which to connect with kindred spirits.

* Wild Clans to join, such as the ‘Artist’s Tree’ to share your art, ‘Wild Philanthropy’, where you can work with other women to change the world, the ‘Book Club’ clan, the ‘Career and Business’ clan, and many more!

* Live chats with fellow wild sisters.

* The opportunity to connect with your favourite Wild Sister writers and discuss their articles.

* A Sisterhood of Wild women to learn from, create life-long friendships, find a penpal, or be a mentor.

To enter, answer this question in the comments below: How do you want to change the world?

To find out more about the Wild Sisterhood, including our three month and six month membership options, visit the Wild Sister website.

Come and be wild with us! To join our Wild Sisterhood today, click here!

Jen Saunders is a stargazing, rainbow riding empowerment artist. As the Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Wild Sister Magazine, she fiercely believes that by empowering women, we can empower the world. She loves to laugh, paint, write and connect with wild women in the Wild Sisterhood.

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