Simple Self-Care Tips to Transform Your Life

While some might view it as time wastage, self-care is necessary for your well being; however, taking care of yourself is challenging considering life’s numerous responsibilities.

From reducing anxiety to boosting productivity and self-esteem, self-care is crucial to finding life’s balance. Implementing self-care tips isn’t always easy. You may misinterpret self-care as indulgence. It’s not self-care if you’re using it as an escape or you feel guilty afterward. Self-care can also be challenging when you’re stressed or exhausted.

Here are some self-care tips to help you survive stressful times:

1.  Exercise

On top of burning calories, exercise triggers endorphins to reduce stress and manage depression. Furthermore, achieving your body goals increases self-confidence. Exercise is also an anger outlet. For example, weight lifting and martial arts divert your thoughts from your frustrations to deep breathing. You don’t need a gym membership to work out. You can implement these self-care tips at home using a skipping rope, stability balls or dumbbells to exercise in your living room.

You could also try body-weight workouts like jumping jacks, lunges and squats. Other workout self-care tips include taking the stairs at your workplace or apartment building. This goes hand in hand with walks. In addition to lifting your mood, nature strolls allow you time to evaluate your life and refocus. Relaxing is also crucial to these self-care tips. In addition to repairing your muscles, resting builds mental stamina for the next workout session.

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2.  Practice Gratitude

There are several reasons why you should choose gratitude among self-care tips, expecially during the Covid-19 pandemic. Gratitude expands your networks. For example, sending thank-you notes or holding the door for someone could earn you a friend (or even spouse or business partner). Gratitude also increases empathy. You’re less likely to seek revenge when you’re thankful. It can also improve your self-esteem. Because you appreciate what you have, you won’t feel inferior when other people have better jobs or cars. The best part is that gratitude doesn’t involve a lot of time or money.

You can record your triumphs in a gratitude journal. Writing shifts your focus from negative emotions to your pen and paper. You could also implement these self-care tips by volunteering. This not only allows you to give back to the community but also reveals things you otherwise took for granted. Another option is visiting your loved ones. Apart from strengthening your bond, spending time with friends and family lets you share gratitude with people you care about.

3. Unplug

Electronics may connect you to your loved ones, but they cannot substitute face-to-face interactions. Instead of texting, share a meal with your family or play board games together. Tech breaks also improve your sleep. By keeping you awake at night, social media disrupts your body’s natural rhythm and can cause insomnia.

Disconnecting from technology also increases your focus. You can complete tasks faster and have more time to relax. While driving – always focus on the road. Putting your phone away reduces accidents. Remember to notify your family before implementing this self-care tip, especially if they live far away. Otherwise, your loved ones will worry about your well-being if you’re offline for too long.

4.  Read

You don’t have to leave the house in search of self-care. Reading is one of the best tips during the lockdown. For starters, reading is calming. Per a 2009 UoS study, books are more effective against stress than walks and music. According to the research, books lowered the reader’s muscle tension and pulse rate within six minutes. Books also provide entertainment. Social media may offer temporary enjoyment, but books describe a character’s journey, revealing day-to-day challenges and evoking empathy.

Moreover, reading provides bonding opportunities. Besides connecting to a character, you can kill boredom by joining local book clubs. The best part is you don’t have to attend meetings physically. You can connect with readers all over the world virtually. You could also read before bedtime if you have trouble sleeping. Unlike phones and computers, books don’t stimulate your brain with blue light.

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These self-care tips require patience. You can only achieve mental, emotional and physical well-being if you apply these tips repetitively. But you don’t have to adopt all the self-care tips at the same time. Even one habit could be life-changing. Remember, caring for others is impossible if you cannot look after yourself. What’s more, people respect you when you value yourself.

Do you know other self-care tips and tricks? Please share your ideas in the comments section below.

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