silence is beautiful

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what you’ll need:

paper, something to write with, a paper lunchbag or something like that, markers, stickers perhaps, a trash can.


1) find some sort of paper : notebook, construction, loose leaf, cardstock, scrap. any kind of paper will do.

2) grab your favorite pen or pencil. or paint and a paintbrush. chalk. markers, crayons, colored pencils. sharpie.

3) sit quietly for a few moments and think of every label you’ve ever been given, either by others or yourself. think of every way you have ever defined yourself or been defined by others. shhh. sit. think. be still. if the definitions & labels are things that have caused you pain, make nice with each of them. sit with them & hold their hand.

4) commit each of those to paper. put stickers on them. give each of them a gold star. doodle on them, draw flowers, hearts, smiley face.

5) gather all the papers, all the words. put them in the paper bag, plastic bag, wooden or cardboard box.

6) throw it away.

live without definitions, be brave, courageous, strong, gorgeous, powerful, silly, shy, funny, obnoxious, loud, smart, glamorous, incorrigible, sassy, creative, passionate, unafraid. be fearless.

whatever you are, be that. you are perfect the way you are, right inside of this moment.

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