Silence can be strength

I don’t know about you, but there’s not much that makes me feel weaker than being surrounded by screaming. Joining in only amplifies the feeling of weakness, and more often than not, it’s staying silent that gives me back my strength. Choosing to not engage, choosing to remain quietly calm, that’s where real power lies.

There’s a lot of screaming these days. In the US, presidential campaigning is in full swing and every news show is full of screaming. Republicans screaming about Democrats and Democrats screaming about Republicans. Everyone is trying to show their strength by out screaming everyone else.

I’ve rarely found screaming to be a source or sign of strength. Anytime I’ve screamed, it’s come out of utter frustration and a feeling of weakness. I scream at my husband when I lose my cool. I scream at my cat when I’m so completely frustrated that I’m out of options (and trust me, I know he doesn’t understand!). I don’t think I’ve ever screamed from strength.

Silence, on the other hand, is an under-utilized, powerful tool. When you have the strength to remain silent, particularly amidst screaming, you give yourself the chance to regain your power. Silence allows you to respond thoughtfully, or simply walk away. Silence helps you connect with yourself so that you can truly access your strength.

Whether it’s being surrounded by all of the screaming or anything else that makes you feel weak, practice your silence. Connect to yourself so you can regain your strength. You’re more powerful than you know.


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