Shifting back to joy

I like certainty and I’m in my head a lot (hellooooooooooo INFJ!).  I’ve also learned the joy of doing things from my soul – choosing to slow down, making fun a priority and taking really good care of me…but there are still a lot of days when my head is clearly in the driver’s seat.  The task lists pile up, decisions are very hard to make, there’s zero self-care and very little joy.

What’s a girl to do?

I’m not going to tell you to trust in the universe or read your tea leaves, unless you’re into that kind of thing.  I lean much more to the pragmatic side of soul work.

Here’s what you can do to shift back into joy:

Give that heady, intellectual side of yourself a high-five.  That side has gotten you far in life, and is also smart enough to know that there’s more to you than brains alone.

Prepare for discomfort.  Shifting from your intellect to your soul is uncomfortable!  Intellect likes to convince you that it’s certain, and if you can do all the tasks and complete all the lists, everything will be good!  OK, even intellect knows that’s a lie, but it still feels way more certain than letting go of the tasks and lists.

Get some support.  See above on the discomfort of letting go of (perceived) certainty.  Who can you reach out to when the control has, well, taken control?  Who can help you navigate the uncertainty of letting go?  Maybe there’s a person, or a book, or maybe it’s just doing some free writing or exercise.  Whatever supports you in this process is the right choice.

Give yourself a break.  Wanna know the fastest way to chase away joy?  Judging yourself.   If you find yourself having a lot of thoughts that start with “should” or “never” or “always”, give yourself a break.  Practice a little forgiveness and remember that you’re a work in progress.

Do what lights you up.  That thing that ignites your soul?  Yeah. Do that.  I don’t care if you only do it for 2 minutes a week, do it.  Feel the joy that comes from giving yourself that gift.

Reward yourself.  Positive reinforcement isn’t just for kids.  Did you take 2 minutes today to choose joy?  AWESOME!  Give yourself a pat on the back, ask your support buddy to congratulate you, or comment here and I’ll totally give you a virtual high five!  Hearing positive reinforcement of your choice, makes you more likely to continue and create a habit.

You can choose joy.  Even us heady, intellectual types that love to believe we can do all the things, can shift into our souls, and feel more joy.  Join me.


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