Sharing Our Stories : Words for Wednesday : The Get Up: Simplicity, a Revelation

9.365, august ninth

the get up: simplicity, a revelation?? | Amanda Oaks

like a hair comb-out,
between my ear & the
headphones, a sudden
moment of clarity that
sweeps through my entire
body, no longer backpedaling
but moving forward through
a self-spawned airstream
& over the rotten fruit, my
damaged goods, crushed
& molded, trapped in the
patterns of my memory,
dream tiles & tire tread
i can never
get rid of but relish in
because it’s who i am,
it’s where i’ve been,
it’s my travel guide for
the unbeaten paths
that somehow always
circle back to me waiting
for the next good gust
to blow me over

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Denver Syntax

© amanda oaks

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