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Because Letting Go is never easy.

It should be though, right? I mean, because you think of letting go, you think lighter, dropping something, moving forward. It should be easy to let go of things, but it isn’t. It’s easy to let them tag along, go with you while you move throughout the day-to-day.

This past week it’s funny how many times I’ve had to let something go, for whatever reason: A friendship I’d hoped could be rebuilt, a concept of who & what I should be & do, the idea that I always must be accessible.

If I let those things go then what would I carry around with me? What thought or behavior or pattern? What exactly would I do?

It was a habit, almost, trying to make the friendship work, trying to mold myself into an unrealistic image & not love who I was, constantly checking e-mail and my phone. It was just another part of the day & last week was when I knew it was time to do something about it.

Example: I chose that my motivation for exercise was to be healthy & strong, not to have some killer body. I let go of an ideal & chose something real & tangible, something I could actually do & become. The breath I took after that I let go of that ideal had depth & an expanse that surprised me because now there was so much more room inside of me. Do my abs need to be a six-pack? No. Does my body need to be strong & healthy? Yes.

Letting go creates space, space that you may not have realized you needed.
Letting go allows you to focus on people & things that matter.
Letting go strengthens your commitment to take care of yourself, to love yourself & those around you.

When I let go of the friendship, I smiled & felt so happy. Because now I could devote that energy to people who care for me, I could care for them, I could open my heart up even wider.

And an open heart feels amazing.

What are things you could let go of? What would free up some space inside of you? You are more than welcome to share your thoughts here, but even if you think about it, that’s a step.

It’s all about the baby steps.

Imogen Heap — Let Go

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