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Dear Lovelies,

This is a story about being True.
I’ve been writing this letter to you for weeks.
Today is my last day with Kind Over Matter.

One of the things that Amanda & I have always taken great care with is being transparent with you, being completely honest and True. And the Truth is that there’s been an idea pulling at my heartstrings for a while and I need to honor it & follow it, wherever it leads.

(It’s led me here.)

The new project is titled roots of she, and my vision for it is to tell a story, the story of the female experience, in all of its shapes, sizes and forms. This is a safe space to talk about the wide range of experiences that women have, this is a space that will let other women know that they aren’t alone, that no matter what, there is someone out there that knows what she is going through.

Connection. Joy. Solidarity.

roots of she launches Dec. 21, the winter solstice. The line-up for the first cycle is such an absolute powerhouse of creativity, strength and beauty, inside and out — Darrah Parker, Lori Portka, Jamie Ridler, Andrea Schroeder and Sara Smaha.

The layout and design are still being tweaked, and I’m over the moon that the amazing Jess Swift is helping me with the banner and buttons — I can’t wait to share them with you, she rocks so hard, I just know they’re going to be gorgeous! Also, you can share in the excitement and butterflies with me on Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.

This was such a hard decision to make, I went back and forth so often because I love this place, each of you hold a very warm and special place in my heart. I was scared about leaving you, about letting you down. I was terrified about starting over, but at the base of all that emotion, I knew one thing to be absolutely True.

I could do it. I could start from scratch and make something incredible and beautiful. I have faith in myself, and this project.

I can do this.

So what I want to say is this:

Always believe in yourself. Always follow your dreams. Make them manifest, nurture them, take baby steps with them while they grow. Let them take root and bloom inside of you.

You can do anything.
You can do everything.

Peace to you, always, xo.

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