Sharing Our Stories : The Day-to-Day

This has been my day-to-day:

Juggle, juggle, juggle.
Find the moments of balance in the hectic everyday.
Stop everything and make tea — green tea, chai tea, silver needle tea.
Close the door, forward the phone, turn off the computer, eat in peace.
Remember to eat, make time to eat.
Drink water.
Take a walk, stretch your legs, rotate your neck, reach up to the sky.
Touch the sky.
Accept that stress is a part of the day-to-day and utilize it.
View stress as a motivator and not a means of becoming overwhelmed.
Take a break.
Smile, laugh, chortle with glee.
Listen to music.
Breathe & inhale & exhale & breathe.
Let the to-do list act as a guide and not a ruler.
Water the plants.
Stare out from the window.
Make more tea.
Play a wordgame or two or sometimes three.
Find a sanctuary, remember to rest there.
Leave it all at the door, always.

Imogen Heap — First Train Home

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