Seven Souls One Musing : Volume 1

Today is a day for launching! I am so excited to finally kick this series off! As some of the contributors below know, it’s been since last year that I approached them to participate in the first panel, thank you so much gals for your patience with me! Heaps of Love & Gratitude to all of you for sharing your awesome stories!

So, what is Seven Souls One Musing? Seven Souls One Musing is a new interview series that I hope to run every week or every other week here on KOM. I will be asking 5 or 6 creative personalities (sometimes including myself) plus 1 or 2 random Twitter or Facebook followers to reflect on 1 theme (be sure to watch for my random call-outs to be involved!) I hope to cover an array of topics throughout the year. Most of the questions that I will be asking are coming from my eCourse, Be Gentle, Be Love – 30 Days of Cultivating Your Virtues with Creativity, which I am on the verge of launching! Wooo! It’s been a labor of love & learning, I’m really excited to release it out into the universe. If you want to get in on the prelaunch specials & goodness, be sure to sign up for my Newsletter! Okay, without further ado, I asked these Seven Lovelies this:

What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Alexandra Franzen
Quitting my j-o-b during the bottom of the Great Recession, cranking up my entrepreneurial volume to maximum capacity, and taking an impromptu trip to the north shore of Oahu — all on April’s Fools Day! (No joke).

Jamie Ridler
When I started at the University of Toronto, I was an English major, likely headed towards teaching. During orientation, my boyfriend pointed out an audition sign for the theatre program and said, “Hey, you might like that.” I thought I just might, so I walked right in and signed up. It changed my life forever.

Jen Saunders
I was hanging out with friends back home in Melbourne, at around 2am, when someone jokingly suggested that we should drive to Sydney. Something in me just thought ‘YES!’ and right that moment, I knew we had to do it.

So, the three of us drove to another friend’s house, kidnapped her while she was still in her pajamas, and we drove all night.

We watched the sunrise somewhere in the outback, ate lunch near the Opera House, made some amazing memories, shared a lot of laughs, and then drove all the way home again the next day.

That road trip created a close bond between our little group. We even call ourselves ‘The Sydney Four’ – because we’re cool like that.

What’s even cooler is that that one spontaneous journey sparked the same sense of adventure that now sees me living in China and creating my own path in life.

It started as a joke between friends at 2am, but I look back on it as one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Michelle Ward
Booking a helicopter tour for my Hawaiian honeymoon. I knew I hated small planes and had a heights thing, and yet…I was gonna be in Hawaii! And there were gonna be volcanos to see! And there’d be super regrets if I let my inner chicken win! So I booked it and let my knees shake for 3 months, waiting for my honeymoon and that exciting/dreadful day. Of course, the lead-up was scarier than the ride itself, and it was one of the most amazeballs experiences ever. Screw you, inner chicken!

Rachelle Mee-Chapman
When the vaguest possibility of a job opportunity came up in Copenhagen, I made a collage as a “first step” in our discernment process. Twenty minutes later the collage was done and the decision was made. We ended up living abroad for three years and traveling with our kids to eight different countries! The process of getting there took over a year, but the decision to make a big change was known in a heartbeat.

Sara Kirkpatrick
Moving to Brighton with my first grown-up love, having been only once for a daytrip. In 1994 we lived in a rented flat in the red-light district of a not-very-picturesque Yorkshire town, and while visiting his grandparents down south we took a train to the coast.

Brighton station exits onto a wide road that leads down to the beach. It smelled like summer and there were people everywhere – even the pavements seemed to buzz with promise. I remember just knowing that I needed to be able to stay in that city. I said, ‘shall we move here?’ and he said yes and a few weeks later we did.

I’ve relocated a couple of times since then, and with more research than a single day trip, but these moves never quite worked out. I keep going back to Brighton, and later this year I will return for good.

I didn’t stay with the boy from Yorkshire, but I’ll always remember him for that impulsive decision that found me my true home.

Wendy Lee
I have done many spontaneous things that lit a fire within, then the flame quickly burn out. The following one, however, allowed me to learn a life lesson. One afternoon my coworker wanted a Mrs. Fields brownie cookie, so I agreed to a short walk with her in downtown Chicago. On our way there, we had a conversation about trust. And that’s when I proposed and asked her to allow me to walk her back to the office, while I hold on to her arm and give her walking instructions with her eyes shut. At the end of our journey, she said it was pretty scary but yay for us, that we did it. I then realized how powerful our relationships become when we are able to truly let ourselves be, in the presence of another. Thank you, my friend, for sharing that journey with me.

So now, we are turning the question on you:

What is the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done?

Leave your answers in the comments! We can’t wait to read them!

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