Seven Souls One Musing : Expressions of Love : Volume 8

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This week I asked 7 beautiful souls to muse on this:

What is the most memorable expression of love that you have received?

Stephanie Moeser
Rediscovering Simplicity
During my first pregnancy (and second) I had an amazing midwife. I was determined to have our baby as natural as possible. No epidurals for me, no interventions. All on my own. I quickly learned that when children are involved its best not to plan too much. They usually have other plans! 2 weeks late, induced, hooked up to every machine possible, the inevitable c-section, and my 10 lb Sadie was born. I was waiting for that moment of exhilaration when she was born. The moment of pure love. It did not happen. That is a hard thing to admit. I was happy, I loved her but I was exhausted, drugged and in pain. I expected and I wanted that rush of overpowering feelings of love and connection to another person, and I did not experience it. Not in that moment. But at home, later that week I lay in bed with my wee girl. I clearly remember her eyes meeting mine. There. Connection. In that moment, in her eyes, it was indeed, the purest expression of love I have ever received! (On a side note…I did have my second daughter completely naturally.)

Alia Indrawan
Inner Bliss
The other day, my little boy (who is 7) came up to me, tapped me on the shoulder, and said “Mommy, I made something for you.” He handed me a little card with his sweet drawings on the front and these words written inside:

“Dear Mommy, You’re my best mommy ever. And when I do something and I need help you will come to me. You do things for me and that way you are my best Mommy.”

As I was reading, with tears streaming down my face, he lit up with a great big smile and wrapped his arms around me. This was the most beautiful expression of pure love and touched my heart so deeply. I often get caught up in the day to day routines of life, forgetting that it only takes a simple moment to express love to someone. Thank you to my wise little boy for teaching me so much about love.

Alli Woods Frederick
Kisses & Chaos
My most memorable expression of love?

Was it the time my honey left a note on the mirror that read “I love your butt?” Nope. That’s not it. Was it the time he sacrificed himself to save me from the zombie hordes? No. That was a dream. It’s actually a tossup between two moments.

Moment #1:

Let me begin by saying I have a lot of tattoos. You’ll understand the relevancy in a moment.

I was 27, laying in a gurney awaiting surgery with my parents at my bedside. Right before that first push of anesthetic that would send me into Lala-land, my parents pushed up their sleeves revealing their temporary tattoo covered arms. It was a show of solidarity.

Moment #2:

The night my husband proposed.

There was no elaborate evening planned but it was perfect.

We were laying in bed chatting. I suggested we play a game. Remember the game where one person writes a word on your back and you guess what they wrote? Well that was the one.

We went back and forth, writing goofy words, guessing and laughing. It was my turn to guess. I rolled over. I felt his finger tickle my back…

M-A-R-R-Y M-E-?

And the rest, as they say, was history.

A show of solidarity and a request to build a life together…both flood my heart with love.

I am truly blessed beyond measure.

Ellie Jacobson
My Little Chickadee
I remember the day we brought our first-born son, Sean, home like it was yesterday. As my husband unpacked the car, I sat in the beige, rocker chair in the newly decorated room, holding him and crying, overwhelmed with emotions of joy, love and fear.

Those first few weeks alone in the fall of 2006 were a nerve-wracking time. My mom, who I wanted so badly to be there with me, was unable to travel (due to medical conditions).

One crisp fall morning, I was lying in our bed, wearing old, crusty sweats, holding Sean. He was looking at me with a worried look on his face, mirroring the look on my face. I looked away to the news flashing on the TV screen. I looked back down and I will never forget the biggest, most beautiful smile I have ever witnessed on another human, from my son Sean looking at his mommy, me. I smiled right back as the tears started to flow, knowing it will all be ok.

Diana Bukowski
Faerie Garden Fancies
The most memorable expression of love that I ever received is one I receive every day from my life partner, Jacqueline. It’s not just in the way we learn and grow together – the listening and understanding; support, encouragement, praise – or in the things she does for me – the innumerable ways she makes our house a home, stretches the few dollars we earn, serves tasty food on a budget – but it includes so much more.

I have a family now. I wasn’t able to have children of my own in my previous marriage although I had always hoped to, but Jacqueline did. She brought five wonderful children into the world, four of whom live with us, and the eldest has married and is bringing our second grandchild into the world in August – I’m gonna be a grandma TWICE! All that love from Jacqueline is multiplied for each of those children and grandchildren.

I feel so blessed to have all these wonderful people in my life and all because she loves me. ?

B.Inspired Mama
The most memorable expressions of love that I receive are from my little ones (ages 2 and 4). It melts my heart when my daughter climbs up to snuggle and all on her own kisses my cheek. And when my son says as I’m leaving his bedroom after tucking him in, “Remember, Mommy… I love you.” They have taught me a kind of love that I’m certain I would have never known without them. I will always count being a mother to my children as the most gratifying and greatest learning experience of my life.

Sheryl Lane
Sheryl Lane Photography
As a mother, giving birth was easily the most memorable expression of love that I have ever received. But why? Why was this experience so intensely moving to my spirit? As I journeyed through the last few days pondering this question, the Universe was pounding me with reminders to have Faith. It’s a word I use a lot but find almost entirely incomprehensible and struggle to find its meaning almost daily. It wasn’t until today, faced with the deadline for my musing, that I connected the dots. That elation, that emotion, that experience of meeting your child for the first time in physical form is all about a connection to faith. That memorable expression of unconditional love is intrinsically tied to faith. Faith in life, in air, in sustenance; and faith that this world and its people will care for you until you can care for yourself. You can feel it emanating from your child’s essence. This is my epiphany today. Won’t you join me in serving yourself with a large helping of faith today?

So now, we are turning the question on you:

What is the most memorable expression of love that you have received?

Leave your answers in the comments, we can’t wait to read them!

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