Set intentions, not resolutions

I’ve been asked by a few people about my New Year’s resolutions. For those of you who have been hanging around here a while, you know I don’t believe in them. That may strike you as weird…after all, I’m a coach, so shouldn’t resolutions be my jam? Not so much. Let me explain…

  • First, you certainly don’t need to wait until a new year to make a change. Sure it’s easy to get carried away with all that “new year, new you” momentum, but that’s also a great way to avoid taking action the other 364 days of the year.
  • Second, resolutions rarely include a plan and almost never include support. These 2 things are KEY to making changes last.
  • Third, they often end up as something we hold against ourselves for 11 months out of the year. If you’ve ever been to a gym in January versus June, you can understand what I’m saying!

So, what do you do instead? How do you honor the energy of this time without setting yourself up for failure with another mile long list of resolutions?

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Intentions are an energetic invitation. They’re a declaration to the universe that you’re ready to receive something new. They’re a touchstone that you can use as a guide, and come back to throughout the year. They’re not a list of things that, if not accomplished, diminish your sense of self-worth and value.

Here’s how they work:

  • Did you resolve to go to the gym 3 times per week? Change that to an intention of valuing health and movement.
  • Did you resolve to quit smoking? Change that to an intention of learning better stress management.
  • Did you resolve to start a meditation practice? Change that to an intention of living mindfully.

See the difference? Resolutions are limiting, and much less likely to be maintainable. Intentions are more expansive. They allow us to honor the desires at the root of the resolution in a realistic, maintainable way.

By the way, 2 of the 3 intentions above are mine. I intend to live more mindfully in 2017 as well as to value health and movement. What do you intend?

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