Self love and a sticky note

I have a sticky note in my medicine cabinet that’s several years old.  It says, “I will love myself through this process”, which came to me in a yoga class during the kickoff weekend of my Life Coach training program.

Last weekend, I had the privilege to return to that program as a Mentor Coach.  I shared the story of my sticky note with the women there, and realized that it’s just as true today.

We are all works in progress.   

In some ways, I’m very different today than I was in that yoga class, and in some ways I am the same.  You can google a zillion 10-step guides to loving yourself, but for me, it comes down to what is written on that sticky note.

Whatever my process, and wherever I am on my journey, I will love myself.  As is, in this moment, I will love myself.  Without losing 10 pounds, even when I snap at my husband and especially when I fall back into old habits, I will love myself.  I love myself right now, as I am.

Don’t make it too big, just go moment by moment.  Each moment of love is a step toward a lifelong romance.

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