Self kindness to heal your life

Life is a beautifully splendid experience, well most of the time anyway. Right? LOL. But seriously, you might be thinking otherwise if you’re experiencing or have recently gone through some major challenges. If you’ve had any type of negative or overwhelming experience lately you may feel like life isn’t so grand. Maybe you’re angry at yourself or someone else, angry at circumstances, feeling that your life isn’t meeting your expectations. Whatever the reason(s), now might be a great time to shower yourself with KINDNESS. Guess what? Even if your life is really good, kindness will ramp it up to be even better.

Now you might be scratching your head. You might even be ready to dismiss what I’m saying, but please keep reading. It’s worth it.

Life really is beautiful and splendid; it just gets a little cloudy sometimes. However, you have the power to create a better experience by treating yourself with kindness. HOW? Here are a couple of ideas.


One of the most powerful and simplest ways I’ve extended kindness to myself is to regularly practice forgiveness. I extend it to myself and others to allow healing within me and create a space of peace in which to exist.


I literally make gratitude a part of my daily habits and routines. Transforming and life changing, the simple act of being thankful and appreciating as much as I can allows me to continually receive more goodness in life.


Taking time to really recognize and own your awesomeness (I mean really screaming for joy at how amazing you are) is yet another way to amplify your life.

How do these 3 things help? Simple – the more you utilize forgiveness, gratitude and self appreciation, the more you create an energetic space around yourself that life responds to. You create an attitude that looks for and receives goodness. You create a space that other people respond to as well. Simply put, the more you pour kindness into yourself, the better you feel and you will have a much better outlook on life.

Anyone up for a little kindness?!
Share with me. What are you doing to create some extra kindness for yourself?

Jasmine is a Speaker, Life Strategist/Coach & Author with a background of 18+ years in Health & Wellness. Her professional experience includes in-home rehab, fitness training, massage therapy, life coaching, spiritual coaching & counseling. She shares her wisdom, experience and eclectic musings on her blogtalk radio show, facebook live videos and in her HealingOne Newsletter. Get connected:

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