How self-kindness can change the world

Push, push, push. Go, go, go. These are the messages the world gives us. If you just push harder, do more and sleep less, you’ll go further. We’re taught this is how to get ahead and it’s just what you have to do, but we’re never taught how to be happy.

We live in the most unhealthy, medicated society on record, and I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I believe there is a direct correlation between the messaging we hear and our (lack of) health, joy and happiness.

What does being kind to yourself have to do with any of this? The answer is capacity.

When you’re so busy running around pushing harder and doing more and going further, you have very limited capacity. Our culture glorifies being busy and we wear the label as a badge of honor, but the truth is, this constant state of busy-ness keeps us stuck in the cycle of being stressed out, angry and resentful…and nobody is changing the world from that place.

So, what do you want to change in the world? (I’d LOVE to know! Leave me a comment about your world-changing desires.)

Maybe you’re feeling motivated to be politically involved. Maybe you want to volunteer at your local animal shelter. Maybe you want to mentor young kids with limited resources. Whatever you want to do, if you try adding 1 more thing to your stressed out life, it is not going to go well. You need capacity to change the world, and you need self-kindness to increase your capacity. <—CLICK to Tweet

Being kinder to yourself includes things like ensuring you get enough rest, fueling your body with foods that work for you and moving your body in a way that’s accessible. It also includes setting boundaries, opening your mind, speaking kindly to yourself and leaning on the folks who are closest to you.

These acts of self-kindness create capacity. Instead of feeling like you’re running on empty all the time, you’ll start to notice a feeling of ease and freedom coming back into your days. Your capacity will return and you’ll be able to do the world-changing things you desire. See? A little self-kindness goes a long way.  <3

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