Sanity Walks and Sun Spots

These are a few of my favorite (quarantine) things – my top 5, to be exact!

We’re officially in the second month of COVID-19 shelter at home/quarantine and most folks are still vacillating between stressed, bored, grateful, antsy, exhausted, etc., etc., etc.

Some of us have found some new ways to help us make it through each day. In no particular order, here are my top 5 favorite (quarantine) things. Please use any or all that feel like they would be helpful right now!

Sun Spot Sitting – basically, I act like a cat. Find the sunny spot in your home and sit in it. Sometimes I eat breakfast, sometimes I meditate, sometimes I listen to a podcast; but I know that when I can sit in my sunny spot, even inside since it’s still cold here, my body relaxes, my muscles un-clench and I feel better. I’ve been known to do several Instagram-stories of my sun spot sitting!

Sanity Walks – If you’re a KOM Love Letter recipient, you got to read a bit about these a couple weeks ago. On days when it’s not freezing or raining or a combo of those 2, I go for a walk around my neighborhood. I have a long route, a short route and sometimes I just get creative. What I know about myself is that I often hate the first 10 minutes of anything new, so I put on a podcast and put 1 foot in front of the other until I start to relax.

Baking – not original, but I’m doing it more than ever. I’ve made banana break, blueberry oat muffins (twice), vanilla cinnamon cookies, oatmeal chocolate chunk cookies and have the supplies to make more. I think oatmeal raisin are next up.

Cooking – I tend to be a “throw it together” cook, but only shopping every 14 days has made me creative. I’ve been using recipes, trying new things and being more creative with my dinner making.

At-home-manis – Waaaaaaaaayyyyy back in early 2014, my self-kindness journey started at a local nail salon on a Saturday. TL:DR – I was so burnt out that I needed to do 1 little thing for myself, and going someplace where I couldn’t use my hands for an hour was the ticket. These days I DIY it at home on Saturdays.

What are yours? Add them to the list – maybe we can inspire each other and find some new ways to find joy while we stay at home.

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