Sands of Time

From a moment of transformation –
burst forth beauty,
and the existing knowing before the ages.
I knew.

Then swept away
with the force of a torrent
I took my life.
I didn’t know.

All sides of me collapsed together
caving like ancient icebergs
eaten away by the recent century.

Washed upon the shore
I opened my eyes to view a new world,
one I had seen before
but not fully taken into my heart
enough to protect me for the torrent.

The practical side of life
turned me upside down
in spite of what I knew.
I want to stay on the shore
and pick up the pieces.

I want to pick up
the shards of light lost –
and plunge them into my heart
so I may see the beauty
and lost love that went unnoticed.

Lift me up again
so I may see that shore
so I may walk on its glass lit sands
squishing its rounded corners between my toes
feeling every part of my being and every aspect of its light.

I walk supported.

Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey’s career as a visual artist/poet spans over four decades. Her poetry often inspires a new painting and sometimes it even becomes imbedded in her mixed-media art. Whether poetry or painting, she works from a state of quiet receptivity allowing heart and hand to move of their own accord. Without preconceptions Michael trusts in the direction that inspiration provides. “I paint and write for the joy of discovering the endless forms that creative energy can assume - in me and on the paper in front of me.”michael bailey logo. You can follow Michael on her website or on Facebook.

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