Sacred Seeds

Post by Christina Seitz for the Kindness in Business series.

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Sacred Seeds

We are all energetic beings existing in a world that is made up of physical, mental and spiritual properties. We rely on different aspects of ourselves to guide us forward in different directions that we feel pulled towards. The energetic component of our world is the basic elemental seed that lives in all things. This is the starting point of all new realities, and all new beginnings exist in an energetic seed form first.

Energetic seeds that will grow into real world things need to be nourished with the right types of foods. These foods are the things that are formed when we are managing our energy systems. These foods are the things that are created when we are in our joy and taking actions to manifest a reality that nourishes our souls. Effectively managing your energy systems is the purest way to create what you truly desire into the world you exist in. Your own energy is the food that fuels what you wish to create and if you own energy is yucky then you will not have the proper fuel to feed your creations.

We all have things in our lives that we wish to manifest and we are all in a constant state of expanding into our desires. When we are forming our business life we often go about things all wrong. We decide what we think we want and get clear about the direction we think we should take. Then we create a series of actions steps that we logically think will help us to get where we want to go and we force ourselves to fit into this structure. When this does not create our desired results we think we don’t have what it takes to create success and we abuse ourselves with a series of negative thinking.

I propose a more evolved paradigm for creating business success.

To begin we could tune into where our hearts are pulling us and get clear about how we want to feel. Then we go forward by doing things that make us feel so positively good that we are naturally drawing what we desire into our existence. What if we were to truly believe and trust that by doing things that feed our current joy, that we naturally attract more of the same. I have learned through my experience that when I do things that light me up, the distance between where I am and where I desire to be naturally gets smaller and I magically find myself closer to where my heart is pulling me to be.

I am a Goddess coach and I have been practicing doing things that make me feel in my Goddess energy all the time to draw my ideal clients to me. An example of how this looks for me is that instead of wearing sloppy yoga clothes when I am staying home I wear clothes that make me feel divinely feminine. If I have action steps to support my business I only do them when I am feeling excited about doing them. This might mean that I will go for a walk outside or do something else that elevates my energy level before I do the business thing. I have noticed that when I do something when I am feeling flat and uninspired then it doesn’t create the desired result and it does not draw people to me.

This new paradigm is also evident in my life in how I choose to set up the foundation of my life. I make it a priority in my life to do things that make me feel good. I surround myself with beautiful things and people that nourish me. I make it a priority to do the things that I am passionate about even when I don’t see them directly leading to any beneficial thing in my life other than supporting my own joy.

When you choose to make your life into a divine temple that supports your own luscious growth then you also live without feelings of “lack” that normally you would feel when are not quite at the place where you want to be. You feel like you are already there and you are already experiencing a variation of success. Now is a special time of the year where many of us are focused on what ways we wish to expand in the New Year. When you are setting your intentions for where you wish to be, take the unconventional path and let your enjoyment of life guide you forward.

Christina Seitz is a Goddess coach who supports delightful women in living juicy, delicious and vibrant lives. You can find her at and also connect with her on twitter @christina_seitz


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