Sacred Pain, Healing Journey

Guest post by Daniel Collinsworth.

The hurt you embrace becomes joy.
Call it to your arms where it can change.


Sacred Pain, Healing Journey

You, earth walker. You’ve been through some unhappiness, I know.

You’ve known roads of hardship. Perhaps at times, there were no roads at all. Just wilderness. Perhaps you wandered for years there. Perhaps you are still wandering.

In this moment, you hold a unique pain underneath your earth-woven skin. Refining fires have left unseen scars, tender to the touch, across the continents of your heart and mind. There will be healing, yes. But not undoing. Mending, but not seamlessness.

You see, the healing journey isn’t about returning to your original state – you’ve already been irrevocably transformed. Healing isn’t about erasing the trauma. It’s about transmuting the trauma into love and wisdom. Think about this.

Will you embrace your pain as sacred? Tenderly, compassionately, will you separate it from the source event, and allow it to breathe inside you as a sacred, living thing? Pain without purpose grows into a tree whose fruits are bitterness, mistrust. Its roots grow deep into your earth, drawing strength from stagnant fears and the thoughtforms built up around them.

But to hold your pain as sacred – to honor that raw space in you, to love it, to flood it with compassion – this is the beginning of healing. It may be your province to walk this road for the rest of your life. To know your healing as a journey, not a destination, and to find the freedom and beauty in this.

Now I ask you reverently and gently: What love may come of this, what wisdom? Your pain is not without purpose, as you are a being of purpose. It is your joy and your responsibility to rise, to walk, to thrive in this life.

What love may come of this? What wisdom may come of this?

I invite you to sit with these questions, as you invite your pain into the light of loving, conscious awareness. Welcoming it like a teacher and a friend. Honoring it like a sacred guest. Holding it closely, tenderly. Allowing it to unfold like magnificent wings upon your back.

This is the higher purpose of pain: to lift you up into a space of wider perspective, of compassion. You will accept and honor the heaviness of your wings once you learn to open them into the wind and fly.

This is your healing journey.

And your journey won’t be just for you, no. Your presence and being will light up the paths of healing for others, too. The trials you’ve come through have woven cords of true compassion throughout your being, like golden threads in a coat of many colors.

You will wear your scars like jewels. You will show others how to fly and be free.

And now, brilliant spirit, you’re beginning to see what this life is really, truly, beautifully about.

Daniel Collinsworth is a teacher and cloud watcher.  He has a blog called Metta Drum where he shares insights on compassion, oneness, healing and freedom. You can connect with him on Facebook and Twitter.

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