Running Towards the Day

What is the meaning of this one small life?
It is the slant of light through the treetops.
It is the green of the pasture beneath your feet.
It is the grace of a new day.
It is in the deep breath, immersed in the moment.
Trusting you will be provided for.
It is in the memories of who you were and
in the hopes of who you will become.
It is being still and asking the questions
and listening for the hushed voice
that will bring the fractured pieces together.
It is in the intangible thread linking to the faces beside you.
It is in the ache of gratitude inside your chest
as you read these words and let yourself feel
the moments of your day.
Embracing the messy jaggedness of the highs and lows
with gratitude and grace as we reach out a hand to others.
This is the meaning of life as I know it.
Running towards the day.

Teri Liptak is a freelance writer who lives in Texas with her husband, son, two neurotic cats and one loudmouthed dachshund.  She loves animals, laughing until she snorts, yoga, painting, the sea and a little coffee with her cream. She’s a member of the East Texas Writers Guild and the Writers’ League of Texas. Teri blogs at

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