Routine Check-up

Sometimes it takes an unexpected jolt to make us aware of the pre-conceived ideas we have about gender, etc.
As this story unfolds, the reader needs to adjust to these notions as more is disclosed.
Does this short story give you a jolt about gender identity?


“Must I be totally naked?”
“Well, if you’re not comfortable, we can do it in stages. Start with the blouse, and, uh,
yes, the bra.”
“If you say so.”

“Hum, everything’s fine: no lumps, heart’s good.”

“Can I put my things back on now?”
“Yes. But next the skirt. Oh, I like the pattern.”
“I got it at Fanny’s.”
“Oh, I shop there, too. They have great sales. Uh, take off the panties, too, okay?”
“Yeah, okay. But I don’t go on sales day. Too crowded.”
“Ah, yes. I understand. Uh, you need to get into, uh, yes, that position. Thanks.”

“Done. You may get dressed now. You’ll be pleased to know that the prostate is fine. See
you next year.”

Dee Artea found a creative voice at the age of 77, from which emerged a variety of short stories and poems. Her work has been published in online journals and magazines such as Mono, Altered Reality, CommuterLit, Tilted House and Bewildering Stories. For Dee, who lives in Winnipeg, Canada, the act of writing entails amusement and gratification – whether or not the works appear in print.

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