The Root of Freedom

Guest Post by Raven Chitalo for the Kind Kindred series.

The Root of Freedom

You’re dirty.

You’re filthy.

You stink.

You’re evil.

You’re no good and you cause destruction everywhere you go.

You make me feel dirty.

You’re a snob. You’re greedy and unkind.

If I said those things to you, would you want to hang out with me? Would you be my friend? I know I wouldn’t and I doubt that you would. (Side note: If you would or you have a friend who makes you feel that way, PLEASE read this and then get a coach or a good friend to help you build up your self-worth muscles, because I promise you are worth so much more than to be treated like that.)

Yet, we all say those things about money and the people that have it every day. It pervades our vocabulary, culture, and even the major religions. ‘Filthy’ rich. ‘Stinking’ rich. ‘Money is the root of all evil.’ ‘Money is dirty.’

As a society, we’re the worst kind of girlfriend- the one who chases you down, begs you to date her, then spends all her time telling you how terrible you are and how she could do better. That’s the relationship so many of us have with money, but we don’t understand why we don’t have more in our lives. Last week during the Mega Millions jackpot, everyone was frantically buying tickets while at the same time saying they’d never win. Money is energy and the negativity is repelling what we want.

Many of us have this misconception in our minds that being poor is more honorable than being rich. That to care for others and change the world means you don’t have money. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer and every time I tell people that, they treat me like I must be a saint. Something along the lines of “To give up so much for others… I could never do that!” Actually, I gained much more than I gave up, but that’s not the point of this post. My point is, being a volunteer gives people an inflated image of me as good and kind because of our societal disgust of money.

I’ve been dealing with my own hypocritical views of money lately. I had a meeting with one of my spirit guides who has a comfortable relationship with money. She had many profound things to say, but the one that moved me most was “My choosing to starve doesn’t save anyone else from starving. But my business causes the entire village to thrive. I choose abundance and that blesses those around me abundantly as well.” She is a successful business woman whose success is a way to lift up those around her. While it’s a simple and obvious statement, it was revolutionary to me to realize that I can truly do more for the world if I have more resources to share.

I can be kinder to myself and to the world through accepting that money is not negative unless I make it so. I can rewrite those old lines in my life and seize the opportunities that come to me without guilt or fear. It feels so much more free and beautiful outside of that tired old box- now there is room to stretch and change. I invite you to rewrite your own money story and break free.

Money is a beautiful thing. When we joyfully allow it into our lives, it creates growth and freedom to nourish our dreams. Our success feeds others and the cycle is glorious. True kindness is about removing our limits and accepting our magnificence.

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Raven Chitalo believes in the power of women to make great changes in our own lives and therefore in the world. At Discovering Your Dance, she guides women across the bridge from stuck to fabulous, by reminding you of your own inner worth and power, especially when you’re going through dramatic life transitions, such as divorce/breakups, relocations, and career changes. She will help you to reclaim the joy and passion that you still have deep within to release your inner fabulosity.

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