Rock My World!

Dolled up Kind Over Matter Cards

Kim from Queen of Arts blog altered & gave our cards away at her meditation class as gifts! Aren’t they beautiful!? So colorful & bright?! This is what we had in mind when we handed you the download & said BE CREATIVE! Ahhh, I just love them! Please go read her full blog post here. Thank you sooo much Kim for spreading the love.

Kim has a wonderful little etsy shop as well!

Oueen of Arts Studio on Etsy

These rocks are RIGHT up our alley! These little love messages have been left all over the world, from the sidewalks in Montreal, Quebec to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, & so many spots in between. Visit her etsy shop to purchase some, or make some of your own by following her awesome tutorial!

Thanks Kim! You are beautiful!

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