The Ripple Effect of Kindness

The pure kindness you show to others will make its way back around to greet you again.

I believe there’s a contagious ripple effect or boomerang of energy that’s sent out into the world whenever we genuinely show kindness to others. When we spread kindness it not only permeates our part of the world, but it unknowingly travels from person to person making its way to another place, all because of one kind action.

This is how the kindness ripple effect is created and I know this is what came and found me.

Recently I was driving home from visiting a sick neighbor with my mother and daughter. On the way, my car suddenly cut off in the middle of a busy street and would not turn back on. It broke down in a place where cars whip around the curve and could’ve easily smacked into me. Once I realized my car wasn’t going to start, I began to look for a tow truck service.

While I was on the phone, someone stopped to see if I was OK and if I needed help. Less than a minute after that, a group of young adults stopped, asked if I needed help and offered to try and push my car out the way so no one would run into it. It turned out one of the kind strangers was a mechanic. He looked at my car and then he and some friends tried their best to push it as much as they could, but of course pushing a 3-ton car was not an easy feat.  While this group was helping, two more men came along to assist. One person had just bought jumper cables and a battery kit. He was unsure how to use them, however he said he would try.  When that didn’t work he used his truck to try to push my car out the way. One after another, more people came to help. I never even had a chance to finish calling the tow truck company.  The police showed up and along with the growing group they were finally able to push my car up a small hill onto a side street getting me out harm’s way.

The amazing team work and kindness from perfect strangers surrounded me and my family. As we stood in the bitter cold waiting, I finally calling the tow company. I was informed that my membership had expired and they would require full payment before dispatching a tow truck. As I stood in disbelief wondering if I was on candid camera, a lady from across the street shouted to us saying we were more than welcome to wait inside her home until we received help. She was a sweet older lady who seemed to do kindness for a living. She takes care of her elderly sister and also opened her home to a child with Down Syndrome whom she’s been working with since he was 14-months old. We were surrounded by warm and kind hospitality, once again by a perfect stranger.

A little while later, a friend of hers came by to visit and she shared we needed help. It turned out he had jumper cables in his car. He was also a mechanic and across the street. What are the odds of that? Within no time he gave my car a jump, told us not to make any stops, but to get home safely.

What I know is, kindness is absolutely free and it’s one of the most infectious and powerful things you can use to help others. I believe there are angels waiting everywhere, ready to be dispatched when most needed. Within one day so many people were sent my way to help, without any phone calls, texts or emails to make it happen. The Universe knew exactly what I needed in that moment and provided abundantly.

Raphaela Browne is a Certified Life and Career Coach, as well as a Nonprofit Organization Consultant, committed to empowering professional women and organizations to embrace change and transition seamlessly to the next level in their lives and careers. Raphaela’s main goal is to empower women in leading a life using their strengths, developing their unique leadership skills and equipping them with the necessary tools to thrive.
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