Restless Doubt

oh Restless One, your inability to be at peace makes your nail biting, shoulder tensing insomnia making haven deeply conflicted

quiet now and listen

allow yourself to rest

dissolve into the moment seamlessly, leave behind the anthems of the past and future, the stories oh the stories you’ve creative Hopeless One!

the torture of being alone or together, something different, always wanting more, and more and more

a race to get somewhere make-believe but what about here?

what is here for you that you may be missing?

kissing away the moment instead of fitting your entire mouth onto it tasting the flavors with desire

what if you were starving for this moment?

voracious for the sounds, sensations, textures and colors of your prevailing surroundings

there is no amount of whining or wanting that can make the present moment go backward or forward

in your minds eye you may visit a place your heart deeply desires but if time is parallel are you not already living this moment and every other one simultaneously in the now

Sweet One, you already have everything you desire

allow your focus to be your love, your kiss to the moment, the love you will show to yourself and for the entities all around you

there’s nothing on the other side of right now

lean into it, soften, embrace it with your every cell of your being until the veil of separation disappears and you are everywhere and nowhere all at once.

i beg you Sweet One to do so, practice this being and witness your existence become immensely sweeter, neater, more satisfying with every sip

ah you protest My Dear, for fear of the ominous waves named pain and suffering.

must we be present with them too?

without question! denying any emotion no matter how monstrous is a denial of the now and pain is the portal to freedom

do not fear a feeling because it cannot kill you,

no not even that one that holds the greatest power, our collective shame

you emerged flawless, the shame you feel was a bestowed upon you from your ancestors just as were your sparkling green eyes or slender feet

gather it all, all your pieces, like rocks on the side of a stream, allow the river of consciousness to smooth and cleanse each and every precious one as you drink in the droplet of water peacefully sitting on a leaf or the reflection of the blissful blue sky awakening your corneas

in these moments you are no longer your shame, expanding into awareness evaporating into the intricate nature of all things to which you play a unique role

to express the Magnificence in the way that only you can

will you heed the call Sweet Child

will you listen to the stirring below the doubt?

listen, listen

your Spirit is calling

Bianca Rodriguez
Bianca L. Rodriguez, MA, Ed.M, LMFT is a soul whisperer, author and innovator in spiritual psychotherapy. Her expert opinion is highly sought after by both online and print publications such as Bravo TV, New York Post, Huffington Post and Thrive Global. After receiving her MA and Ed.M in psychological counseling from Columbia University in 2005, Bianca had a spiritual awakening and realized despite her struggles with alcoholism, anxiety and depression she was complete. For the next decade Bianca developed her unique brand of psychotherapy integrating traditional and mystical interventions becoming a prominent leader and teacher in the recovery field. Upon meeting Bianca you’ll be inspired by her effervescent spirit. Join her on her website or on Instagram. For holiday stress support – contact her for a free consultation at: – or download her free resources list on her website.

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