Required Maintenance

Post by Jo Anna Rothman.

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Required Maintenance

The epiphany comes. And with it comes clarity. Energy. Strength. The formerly unknown is now laid out before you. You understand in a way you could not before. Whether it came it a flash or through slow and steady action, there’s been a change. You are changed. The issue you struggled with is lifted. The ache is gone. Your motivation and drive are strong.

Life feels remarkable. Divine. You are freaking rocking it. You can’t believe how well it’s all going. The work is paid off because you have transformed. For good. For ever.

And then. And then. And then…the shiny newness wears away. The initial burst of rocket fuel is burned up. Time goes on and before you know it you’re slipping ever so gently back into whatever old patterns you thought were shattered. Times get darker. Judgment seeps in. You wonder if that whole earth shattering flash of wonder ever really happened at all.

I’ve been there. More than a few times. Totally convinced that I had found the magic moment, the thought that would change my life and get me going. I could create money. Lose weight. Meet the beloved of my dreams. Books would be written. Lives would be changed. I would skate along at rapid speeds. And I would, until suddenly I wasn’t. I was back to stuck. Doubt would pour over myself. Wonderings of “why” would took over. All I would want to do is go back to when it was all so damn easy.

One day, however, I decided to commit to something different. The inspiration was flying high. I was gliding. And so I got still. And grateful. I declared to myself that I wasn’t going to stop. Even when things slowed down. Even when I felt topsy turvy. Even when I thought the magic had all dried up and disappeared. That’s when it all changed. I came to know that every conscious step I took, created it’s own wave of momentum. I didn’t have let it all fall away. I simply had to choose to move forward, independently of being pushed.

Success lies in the maintenance; in the steps we take to keep it all going. The big, beautiful action. The pep talks. The continued healing and exploring. The shower of affection and love on all parts of ourselves. Not with an end goal. Not to make it all better. But to keep the machine of our lives rolling along.

The grand changes that sweep us up are amazing. They are a gift. Our job is to keep it up. I have witnessed so many folks, myself included, who stop when the momentum does. We forget the jolt from The Universe that sends us soaring is there to give us the necessary lift. But if we want it to last, we must begin flapping our wings. We must seek out the breeze. We must learn how to land safe and sound.

Persistence. Diligence. Commitment to action over and over and over again. Inside. Outside. We get to keep it going. It is a privilege. Sacred. It is where we get to create. Where we shape life to our liking, rather than letting it all just happen to us. Yes, it is work. Yes, it takes time. And yes, it works. Change can happen in an instance. Maintaining that change is where the real transformation happens.

Jo Anna Rothman, MA is an intuitive coach and facilitator of The Receiving Project. She revels in assisting people in falling in love with their lives. She is committed to living a life full of pleasure, purpose and enthusiasm. And perhaps most important, she knows the secret to the perfect s’more.

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