Relax! You are loved and lovable – just as you are

My friend, Laurie Wagner, is a writing teacher and an all-around good-hearted person. She has a phrase that she uses to help us all feel more at peace with who we are and how we show up in the world: “We already love you.”

Imagine if we walked around the world feeling as if everyone we met already liked or loved us!

Imagine if we didn’t have to prove our worth to ourselves or anyone else.

Imagine if we could rest assured that who we are, exactly as we are, is completely LOVABLE!

I used Laurie’s wonderful phrase as a jumping off point for some writing. May these words bring you comfort and the secure knowledge that you are perfect, exactly as you are.

May you walk out into the world with renewed confidence knowing that we are all so very much alike with all our beautiful and perfect imperfections!


A poem based on Laurie Wagner’s catchphrase, “We Already Love You!”

We already love you.
We love your crooked front tooth.
We love your stringy hair.
We love the way you sometimes hiccup when you get excited.

We love your tender heart – the way you tear up when you see a small, dead animal on the side of the road. The way you remember the day of the week, the month and year that her Granpap died. How you gently squeeze a child’s hand, your eyes never leaving his tear-streaked face.

We already love you.
We love your size 7 right foot and size 7.5 left one.
We love your chicken-scratch handwriting.
We love your off-tune voice and how you sing so loudly, so proudly.

We love your discomfort – how you get anxious when you knock on the door, even that of a friend. The way you get sweaty at the thought of a new class or when a kindly stranger greets you on the street. How you sometimes stumble and stutter.

We already love you.
We love that you survived the taunting in grade school, the regret over your college choice, the miscarriage, the divorce.
We love that you forgot the first line of your Ted talk and how your eyes got wide and the way you giggled a little and went on to make people feel something new and real.
We love that you fell off your bicycle that hot May day and how you drew purple smiley faces on the big band-aids.

We love your fears – how you squeal when you see a mouse, how you go silent when you can’t say how you really feel, how you won’t get out of bed on days when everything feels heavy.

We love your regret – how it tastes like iron in your mouth when you remember kissing Joshua the very first time and how soft he was before he got so mean. The way you whisper about how you never made it home to say goodbye. That you didn’t call her back and then she jumped from the platform onto the tracks. That you never wrote that book, learned guitar, cooked paella, or finished the needlepoint.

We already love you.
We love your wide insides, open and ready.
We love the words that tumble out of you onto the blank page.
We love your hearty “YES” when we ask you to jump rope or paint or make angels in the snow.

We love your tuna casserole and butterscotch cookies.
We love your colorful socks and red Converse tennies.
We love the bobby pin that holds back your growing-out bangs.
We love the way you distinctly pronounce the “g” in poignant.
We love that you send postcards of landmarks when you are far away.
We love that you eat lima beans with butter.
We love that you sometimes forget your phone number.

We love that you listen so deeply.
We love that you really care.
We love that you are above us, like a moon.
We love that you are below us, strong as a hill.
We love that you are beside us.
We love the way you tremble slightly as you lean against us, here and now and real.

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