Your relationship with yourself teaches you kindness for others

When I was thinking about what I wanted to share this month, I thought about something I find myself repeating constantly – both to myself and to others: “You can’t give others what you don’t have inside and you can’t get from others what you don’t already possess.”

What do I mean by that?

Think of yourself as the taste tester. How can you describe how decadent a wonderful piece of chocolate is or how tantalizing a mouthwatering piece of fruit is (insert your favorite food) if you haven’t first tasted it? I’ll pick an Almond Joy bar for example. The way the coconut & chocolate mix so elegantly with just a hint of crunch and texture, preparing my mouth for a mega fest of chocolaty goodness once I bite into a piece of the hidden almond!! Oh, heaven I tell ya, heaven!

Kindness is the same way. You must first taste it, experience it, before you can share and extend it to others. You create a standard within that allows you to dictate your treatment and experience with others. You create the smorgasbord of yumminess in your own life that can overflow and touch others. However, if you aren’t doing that you might find it challenging to readily and authentically extend it to others. You may end up feeling resentful, taken advantage of, used and abused, etc.

You see, creating your own experience with self kindness is like the measuring stick that helps you learn how to share with others in a way that feels good and makes your own life that much richer.

Give it a try. Look at your life in this moment and see where you can insert some extra goodness and kindness to yourself. Here’s to creating beauty all around with just a sprinkle of goodness!

Jasmine is a Speaker, Life Strategist/Coach & Author with a background of 18+ years in Health & Wellness. Her professional experience includes in-home rehab, fitness training, massage therapy, life coaching, spiritual coaching & counseling. She shares her wisdom, experience and eclectic musings on her blogtalk radio show, facebook live videos and in her HealingOne Newsletter. Get connected:

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