The Gifts of Kindness & Laughter
an eBook

Back in April I asked 2 sets of 7 people these two questions for my Seven Souls One Musing interview series:

What small act of kindness were you once shown that you will never forget?

What was one of the funniest experiences of your life, one where you laughed from your core?

I fell deeply in love with the responses. Not only did their answers touch me but the comments left were just as heartening & hilarious as the stories in the blog posts. I wanted to continue to ask these two questions for the series over & over again, but for the sake of freshness…

I decided to ask 30 rock stars from the community at once (including myself!) & assemble their answers into this book!

That makes 60 heartwarming & hysterically funny stories for you to read!

Plus, there is a spot in the book all ready for you to add your stories if you wish to, all you have to do is click, type them in & print!

I also asked 5 incredible artists to take part & each of them are gifting you with a printable download of one of their beautiful & inspiring prints!

You can scroll down to see a list of all the awesome contributors, along with what printable art prints you will receive with your purchase.

I am so completely smitten & proud of this book. I was blown away not only by the genuine excitement from the contributors about the project but by their stories. These pages house epic, life-shifting moments in the contributors’ lives. There are stories that made my heart swell– immense, intense, I teared up, I got goosebumps, I laughed my ass off & read quite a few of them to my partner… the blend of kindness & laughter make a crazy-beautiful read – I just adore it & I think you will too!

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Story Contributors:

:: Amanda Fall :: Amanda Oaks :: Andrea Schroeder ::
:: Brandi Reynolds :: Cara Stein :: Connie Hozvicka ::
:: Dyamond Robinson-Patlyek :: Dyana Valentine ::
:: Ev`Yan Nasman :: Fabeku Fatunmise :: Goddess Leonie ::
:: Jamie Ridler :: Jen Saunders :: Jo Anna Rothman ::
:: Jonathan Mead :: Julie Daley :: Kat McCullough ::
:: Kate Swoboda :: Lisa Baldwin :: Liv Lane ::
:: Liz Lamoreux :: Lori Portka :: Melissa Hill ::
:: Michelle Ward :: Raven Chitalo :: Susannah Conway ::
:: Tanya Geisler :: Tia Sparkles Singh :: Tracey Selingo ::
:: Tricia Huffman ::
Art Contributors:

:: Aimee Myers Dolich :: Jessica Swift :: Meytal Ron ::
:: Megan Eckman :: Tasha Monserrat ::

Spectacularific, right?!

A few teasers:

This happened about 13 years ago and I still remember what she said to me.Andrea Schroeder

I finished my business, walked calmly out the door and then ran for the car. Then I laughed so hard I almost threw up.Fabeku Fatunmise

I’ll always remember what it felt like to be so invincible: to have someone believe in me with their whole, fumbling, translucently lovely heart. – Goddess Leonie

We laughed and snorted and then started wheezing, all the while trying not to wake up my nephew…Susannah Conway

I felt so special, so important. I didn’t just learn how to ride that day. I learned how to fly.Jamie Ridler

This was the only instance where I laughed so hard that I peed a little… which made me laugh even more. – Ev`Yan Nasman

So Brian suggested I take off the tights. But (I can’t believe I’m telling you this) – they were the kind with the panties already built in. Catch my drift?Connie Hozvicka

My vision for this book could not have been carried out completely without Kindness, her Kindness. I like the sound of that.Amanda Oaks

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