Reflections and Wishes

Truth be told, I was never a word of the year person until this past year. My word was expansion and in so many ways I can see that I lived that this year. I’m leaning into trust as my word for the coming year; and while I’m not sure exactly how that will show up, I feel like that’s the right word to guide me.

As another year draws to a close I want to offer you a reflection practice to finish the year and some wishes to start a new year. Many things in my life came to a close this year, and others opened up. This practice will help you take stock of this past year and start thinking about what you want in the next one.

If you like to journal, grab yours now. If you’d rather ponder quietly, you’re all set.  🙂

Try to remember aaaaalllll the way back to January.
What were you thinking?
What were your hopes for the year that’s now winding down?
Where were you in your life?
Did you have a word or phrase or intention for the year?
Take a few minutes and go through the year month by month. See if you can recall something that brought you joy each month. Also note any challenges that stand out from the year. If you had a word/phrase/intention for the year, look for ways that it showed up in your life in the past 12 months.

Take a deep breath and let yourself tune in to the present moment.
What is true for you right now?
What do you want to bring into the new year with you?
What do you want to leave behind or let go of?
Do you want to set an intention or choose a word/phrase for the coming year?
Take a few minutes and imagine it’s 1 year from today. How do you want to feel? How can you bring that desire into each day of the new year?

Wishing you more good than bad, more joy than sad, and more love & kindness in the new year.

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