Record Everything

I have an incessant need to record everything:
1. Mom didn’t say “I love you” before getting married
2. Dad used to be a math teacher
3. K. holds the spoon like it’s heavy
4. R. hates rats and heights and rains

Didion didn’t know why she wrote it; Neither do I
I don’t know why I seek answers in
dashes of Dickinson, in
rooms of Woolf, in
solitude of Sontang, in
tall trees of Mary, in –

Reading the secrets of poetesses,
Storing leaves as brown & rusty as my memories
A perennial desire for sunshine to not go away
Writing everything that I ever heard, saw, felt, tasted, drank, lived, –

Nothing makes sense later, but:
5. Mom used to play table-tennis and harmonium6.
6. Dad reads passages of the same book daily
7. K. changed his name in primary school
8. R. used to be called another name in pre-nursery.

rochi zalani
Rochi is a full-time writer for fancy tech companies. In her free time, she writes her newsletter and reads fiction.

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