Reconnecting to dreams

Dreams. Remember those things we all had in January? Yeah. I remember dreams…

That’s how the past few weeks of quarantine have been feeling. A little disconnected, a little flat, a little stagnant…just meh.

Pretty common feelings from a lot of folks, and let’s face it, the corona-coaster of emotions is definitely still going at full speed.

Then a few things happened to help me reconnect to my dreams:

First, Kelly & I interviewed an AMAZING woman for the first guest in Season 3 of Doing (good) Business. She’s CEO of a company that’s a household name and really walks her talk. She made me remember why I love working with leaders who “get it.”

Second, I volunteered to work at the polls on election day in my state. Last time I drove folks to the polls so they could vote, so taking my involvement a step further in November feels right.

Third, during all of the “meh” feeling times I was seriously self-compassionate. I read for fun (the book Wow, No Thank You is laugh out loud funny!), I maintained my AM meditation practice (160+ days and going strong on Insight Timer), I made sure I got extra sleep, I kept foods I loved and that make me feel good in the house, I had more down time than usual while ensuring I stayed connected to my inner circle folks.

It’s easy to be self-compassionate when you feel great and it’s incredibly important to be even more self-compassionate when you feel less than great.

Wherever you are on the corona-coaster, check in with your self-compassion. How are you relating to whatever emotions are coming up for you? Are you talking to yourself like you would talk to someone you love? Are meeting that critical inner voice with kindness? There’s always an opportunity to revisit these questions – and I hope your week gives you some opportunities to reconnect to your dreams, too.

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