Beneath the rows
of color-coordinated
hanging clothes,
behind the boots
so neatly lined
lies a spot
for hiding all
those aspects of yourself
you’ve set aside.
Not released,
not destroyed –
their roots are entwined
too deeply with your soul for that –
but secreted away,
a way to pretend nonexistence
until it almost feels true.
And yet, the reminders –
a glimpse
as you reach for your fallen robe,
a sneeze
as the dust rises
and tickles your nose.
Everything’s still there.
Trusting they’ll be retrieved
when it’s time.

My darling, it’s time.

It’s time to embrace
all you’ve concealed
in the name of unworthiness
and shame.

It’s time to expose yourself
to the overwhelming beauty
and, yes, to the endurable pain
that comes from fully existing.

It’s time to reclaim yourself –
your whole self –
and to let your lovelight spread
beyond your carefully curated
corner of the world.

It’s time.

Katie Baron is a freelance writer and life coach who’s passionate about listening to, reading and writing anything that helps, inspires and empowers others. Her work can be found at and

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