Are you ready for an Epic Change?


Religious freedom.

Body image.


Economic security.

We are inundated daily with oppressive circumstances in our lives that we have absolutely no control over. As we are faced with more negativity on social media and other avenues of our lives, the feeling that nothing we do matters becomes more of the norm than not.

What happens to a country when everyone feels voiceless, when everyone feels that nothing they do matters, when no one feels that anyone cares about them?

I am not ready to find out.

The truth is, we are all good. We all care about each other. But in this overwhelming world we’ve lost sight of how to take care of each other. And with social media twisting everything inside out we might even be worried that whatever we do will be taken the wrong way.

I am proposing an “Epic Change.” It is not political or religious. It is not a change we need to wait around for someone else to make.

It is a change that you and I can make right now and it is a kindness that is done towards whatever cause means the most to us.

This is how it looks in my business: I am a children’s storybook/app writer. My life is blessed. I have enough to be very happy with my life. I am also a former teacher and education means the world to me. Education is my cause. So I am dedicated to giving half of the profits from my app to scholarships for higher education.

Someone else may feel very strongly about the plight of the manatees in Florida, or the homeless, or child trafficking. There is no bad cause. The problem is there are so many groups that need to be smiled upon. The solution is that there are also so many of us who want to help. So rather than feeling paralyzed by all the need in the world, pick one cause near and dear to your heart and find a way, big or small, to contribute to that cause.

So what is your cause?

What means the most to you and how can you support that cause? For every person this answer is different, which is why this is so fabulous.

Can you envision a life of everyday people contributing what they can to their life changing cause and feeling like they have made a positive difference in their world?

Are you ready for an “Epic Change?”

Hi, my name is Kara Peterson. I'm a mom, wife, teacher and lover of girls' nights. I have just released my first book in a series, "The Possum's Tale." This is a book that addresses bullying and self esteem without being overt. Children are often enchanted because the illustrations are captivating and there are hidden images throughout! Tired of seeing families distancing themselves from each other with electronics? I want to use the power of technology to bring families together. My app aims to do just that! You can find out more and download my recommended reading list for kids at

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