Random Acts of…Appreciation!

I love a random act of kindness….I did one every day for a year back in 2014! Lately I’ve been switching it up a bit and focusing on appreciation.

As someone who is much more comfortable giving than receiving (anyone else???), I’m acutely aware of the times when someone does something for me. Unfortunately, my own discomfort in receiving can sometimes prevent me from expressing my appreciation in the way I’d like. Now that I’ve cultivated that awareness, I want to show up differently!

Yes, I’m expressing my appreciation in the moment – when a friend makes me dinner after a long day, when my husband stops home at lunch just to say hi, when a neighbor takes our trash cans up on trash day. I’m also playing with random acts of appreciation. I’ve been randomly texting people to tell them something I appreciate. I’ve been going beyond saying “Thank You” and really explaining why something was important to me.

What I’ve started to notice after a few weeks of this is that the receiving is starting to feel really good. I’m even asking for help more, and with less discomfort.

These are small shifts that I’m making; baby steps toward showing up in a way that feels good to me; baby steps toward integrity and walking my talk. Sure, I have to push myself a bit to operate in a way that’s not habituated, but the reward is so worth it.

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