Rain Boots with Secret, Empowering & Loving Messages!

Jessica Swift’s Rain Boot Project

Jess needs our help! I am so in love with this project, beyond words in love. I adore Jess’ work & her message — & this is just jump up & down AWESOME!

Click here to learn how you can help & what you will receive by helping!!

I am creating a line of patterned rain boots using my own quirky and colorful designs on the outside of the boots, and I’m putting secret, hidden message on the inside of each boot. What kind of messages? Loving messages. Empowering messages. Messages that will remind you each and every time you put on the boots that this is your glorious life, that you are amazing, and that you get to choose how you want to live it, right now.

This is so exciting!

Let’s help her do this! (because I totally want a pair of these snazzy rain boots & because I feel like these could be so good for so many!)

Rooting for you Jess!

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