Pushing the limits

Post by Lynn DeVasto for the Kind Kindred series.

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Each and every day, I watch somebody do something they couldn’t do
before. Maybe it’s 12 reps from 10, maybe it’s 15 pounds from 12,
maybe it’s a 2 minute plank (woohoo)! For some of my clients it’s
being able to walk up the steps in the usual way, as opposed to having
to step on each step, slowly, with both feet resting on each step before
moving to the next one.

It is beautiful, and almost magical, to bear witness to people when
they are able to push past what they previously thought they could do.
As much as I like seeing that, what I find truly wondrous is what
happens when they push them past their emotional limits. Like
working out and weight loss, everybody’s personal push is different.
For some, it may be saying no to their grown children. For others, it
may be saying no to alcohol,or shopping. Perhaps it’s a new career
choice, or furthering themselves in the career they have chosen.
Maybe it’s the decision to have a child, or not.

Whatever pushes your limits, know that it is incredibly worth it all
when you push back and through them. Know that you have the ability
to do it. Know that it is all worth it. What have you pushed through
that you didn’t think you could? I would love to be your cheerleader!

Lynn DeVasto is the owner of SuperGirl Workout. After losing 90 pounds, she made the decision to help woman be their own super-hero and find their own version of “fit and fearless”, while being true and kind to themselves in the process.
~ Important but boring stuff: She holds certifications in personal training, holistic wellness coaching, sports nutrition and barre.
~ Perhaps unimportant, but fun stuff: Wakes up every morning at 4:30 (ugh), lives with her kitty love (Brady), has yet to meet a potato she doesn’t like (especially if mashed).

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