Pursue all you want

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

Yup! Jenny did it again. This is EXACTLY where I am right now (save for the amazing water view!)…

As of late last week, I am OFFICIALLY pursuing all I want. Maybe you’ve seen the Work With Me page on KOM? I’ve officially launched my Coaching Practice and could not be more thrilled! Also, nervous, excited, fearful and occasionally nauseous, but still, thrilled!

For those of you who have been on this journey with me this year, I’ve been studying under the amazing Kate Swoboda in the Courageous Coaching Training Program. It’s been 6 months filled with laughter, sweat, tears, hard work, amazing connections and self-discovery – and I wouldn’t trade a minute of it!

You’ll be hearing more from Kate about all of this on Thursday the 15th, but I wanted to focus on the first part of today’s Monday Motivator: being happy with what you have.

People often think that the 2 parts of this quote are opposite. How can I love what I have, yet still pursue all I want? Doesn’t pursuing all I want mean that I don’t love all I have?


In fact, I think the 2 work best when they’re together, not opposing.

Think about the last thing you REALLY wanted – I mean really – wanted so much you could feel it in your bones. Did you struggle? Did you sacrifice? I bet the answer is yes, but I hope you also maintained the happiness with what you have.

Allow me to explain…

If you hit rewind on my life and went back a year or 2, you’d see a content woman. Happily married, the most amazing friends a person could dream of and a pretty great life. But, I didn’t really appreciate it. I took most of that for granted.

Enter coaching training. Spare time is a thing of the past, and I truly couldn’t tell you the last time I turned on the TV. Do I miss lazy weeknights of vegging out with the hubbs? Absolutely, but you know what? It’s made me love those more. Turns out, pursuing all I want has made me love all I have even more. My time with people I love is *SO* precious now, and so is time to myself (I REALLY never appreciated that one!). All of the things I took for granted for SO long, I am so in love with, as I pursue all I want.

I hope you’ll join me in re-framing the idea that you can only pursue what you want if you don’t love what you have, because take it from me, the 2 are much more closely related than I ever realized. Together, they really do equal happiness, and I’m so grateful to have learned that.

Thank you for STAYING on this journey with me!  I’d love to hear more about what you love, right now, in this moment.

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?, Lara


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