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Hello all, we are interrupting our regularly schedule program to let you know some things!

First & foremost, we are pleased as punch about the response Kind Over Matter has gotten, it makes our day to make to your day, to be a light, a smile, a thought, a spark, sincerely it does. So thank you!
You Yes You.

Secondly, we might have to make some changes soon, our server’s bandwidth said “Enough.” Sooooo, we are hosting some of our images on it & hosting them a public server as well, until we can figure out where to store them all. If you happen to have our button on your blog & it one day disappears, come on over & grab the html again, that just means we found a nice home for all our things 🙂

Check out our newest button! If you have ever carried out a random act of kindness or have been featured on Kind Over Matter, give yourself credit!

Third, please visit our sponsors!! They have been ever so kind to us by donating to our cause. Consider being a sponsor! Our traffic is growing rapidly & we’d love to help your small business get the attention it deserves, for more info click-click the advertise button under our ads.

Lastly, it’s the last day to enter this week’s giveaway! We have some AMAZING giveaways lined up over the next few weeks, we are excited! We’d love to see photos of some of your card drops!!!



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