Progress Not Perfection

(Disclaimer: NSFW : F-Bombs were dropped.)

Being “Non-Perfect”

Showing up as you are…

Wherever you are…

with whatever it is you want to say

& however it is that you say it…


No model. No target market. No niche. No SEO crapola.

I don’t really even know what SEO is. *gasp* Do I use it? No. Do I want to? No. And I’m not sorry that you may feel threatened by that.

Look, that above… that is me, no script, no intention, just me sitting down & showing up, to say, Hi, I’m Amanda & I’m so completely perfect in all my humanness (oh ze paradox!)

We all are.

This is your journey. You can show up in whatever-which-way you want.

Every moment up until this one led you here, to this moment.

Me sitting here in all my
a-little-rough-around-the edges beauty
typing this out —

& you sitting there in all your
imperfectly-perfect beauty
reading it.

Imperfection is real. Imperfection is human.

Embrace that schtuff.

Not in a way that stifles you–
in a way that causes you to bloom & bloom again
(& again & again.)

You, your vision, will forever be expanding, changing, rolling over into something completely different, nine, ten, a zillion times over.

You can hit square one over & over again… & thrive through all the steps on all those journeys.

Embrace & love the process.

I stand by the truth that the Kindest thing that you can do for yourself & the world is to just be yourself.

Your RIGHT people will adore you, no matter what you say or what you do.

Your path is never a straight line, it’s gonna zigga-zag all over the map.

Trust the process.

Trust your progress.

Showing up wherever you are on your creative journey doesn’t have to have to come gift-wrapped with a big-girl glittered-up bow (though i heart me some glitter!) But the more we show up like this in our businesses – the more business becomes human, & therefore attainable. By anyone.

No one sees the world like you do. Whatever you have to share is yours, your stories, your lessons, your creative process, all of it, is yours. The story may have been told before but not in the way you’re gonna tell it. Your idea may have been done before but no one is going to do it up like you can.

Wherever you are…

Just trust me on this…

Your progress is perfect.

Love, Gratitude & Deep Respect,

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