Get unstuck & make change




Whether you’re facing a huge life event/change or feel stagnant and need to break free, this program will show you how to see things differently. This is the most comprehensive way for us to work together, so that you can finally make change that sticks.

Change is hard. This program will teach you how to easily take action steps that will get you unstuck. You will learn tools and strategies that will serve you in all areas of life. You will get to the the root of what’s keeping you stuck, figure out what you really want and know how to get it! Don’t spend another day feeling stuck or fearing change. You deserve to love the life you work so hard to build.

6 month program includes 2 phone/Skype meetings per month, email summaries after each meeting,  books to enhance your learning & expedite changes,  and full email/text/Voxer support.  Investment: $2700