Self-Kindness Starter Kit




Self-Kindness is everything. It’s the key to unlocking more ease, connection and joy in your life…but you know that, right? The question is HOW. How do you go from having an inner mean girl to an inner bestie? How do you go from people pleasing to saying no and setting boundaries? Where do you even start?

HERE. This course is the foundation of the work that I do with every single one-on-one client. If now isn’t the right time to do one-on-one work, start here and build your Self-Kindness foundation at your own pace.

The Self-Kindness Starter Kit is your complete guide to Setting Boundaries (I promise, it’s not as scary as you think), Saying No Kindly (no more stress from over-committing because it’s uncomfortable to say no), and Managing your Inner Critic Voice (turn her into your best friend)! This self-guided eCourse is for you if you’re ready to build a strong foundation of self-kindness so that you can enjoy the life you work so hard to build. You’ll learn proven strategies that you can implement in all areas of life – professional and personal.

The Self Kindness Starter Kit eCourse contains:

  • 34 pages filled with information that will help you take action right away
  • Over 6 exercises to help you dig deep and make real progress
  • 4 doses of audio kindness – a 10 to 20 minute recording to support each section
  • An exclusive guided meditation

After completing this course you’ll feel less stressed, better able to handle life’s monkey wrenches and more secure in yourself than you ever thought possible.

Folks who have already completed the eCourse are raving:

  • “The techniques are so simple to implement!” -JC
  • “I’m finally able to feel comfortable saying No.” -JP
  • “Learning how to speak kindly to myself has dramatically reduced my stress level.” -PH

Start building your foundation of self-kindness today, because life gets better when you’re kind to yourself.