Career Transition




Feeling lost and unsettled in your career? Know there’s something more out there but have no idea what it is or where to find it? We can tackle all of that together, with kindness.

After completing the Career Transition package, you will feel excited about work and life again. You will have a clear idea of what’s next, and a personalized plan for how to get there. With over a decade in professional recruiting and leadership, I can help you get your professional life back on track so you can start feeling good about you again.

This 6 month program includes a resume that shows what a rock star you are and a LinkedIn profile to match. You’ll learn how to job search like a pro and I’ll teach you the insider information that only someone with a recruiting background knows. Throw in interview coaching, confidence building and some self-care along the way, and you’ll emerge with a whole new perspective on work and life. Investment: $2400